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Consumers today are shopping for fresh produce that is ready-to-eat, especially avocados, bananas, mangoes, and tomatoes. That means these items need to be ripened before they are delivered to the store. Ripening has become a very important sales factor for Horton Fruit as demand for ripe products continues to grow. That’s why we utilize our state-of-the-art processing rooms, dedicated to ripen avocados. In addition we have 14 ripening rooms for bananastomatoesmangoes, and various other commodities. We also have a designated team that focuses on monitoring, testing, and discovering methods of improving the ripening process. All ripening is performed according to each customer’s specifications. From fully ripened produce ready to eat today, to less ripened product that offers longer shelf stability, our ripening program is designed to give our customers what they want, not what we have.